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Aaaaaagh! Tales AAAAAGH!

Writer: Paul Carstairs
Artists: Adrian Bamforth,
RupertThomson & Andy Tilley

A corker of a title... A collection of shortish and cruelly witty stories from a dystopian future... with such stories as Rolf Harris's Two Little Boys parody, and the war against the anti-Christ...this is a comic with fun stories and great art... very well conceived... too strong for my taste, but recommended to splatter fans. 8/10 - Comics International

The Body Shop THE BODY SHOP #1 Writer: Paul Carstairs
Artist: Adrian Bamforth

Three cruelly humorous tales of futuristic crime and punishment. A remarkably self assured debut, neatly written and impressively drawn by two obvious talents. It's rather too strong for my taste, but certain to please many people. 7/10 - Comics International

FLOID #1 Writer & Artist: Adam Jakes

Suzi's got a problem. 'Floid'. When she sleeps, he manifests in the real world. He's her subconscious and he's found a way out. Suzi doesn't know anything about it. Floid doesn't know why he's here... it's a good start...

FROBISHER SOUTH Writer & Artist: Malcy Duff

A seaside postcard from the edge, reading Frobisher South is like being five years old and getting lost on a beach holiday, abroad. Do you scream in terror? Do you lose yourself in thrill and wonder? Well? Test your reaction. Read Frobisher South.

Mean Time MEAN TIME #1 Writer: Paul Carstairs
Artist: Adrian Bamforth

After the collaboration on 'Aaaagh! Tales', Adrian Bamforth and Paul Carstairs return with another 'future shock' style anthology, this time with a time-travel theme. The three tales involve a renegade crossing timelines, a man traveling back in time to inhabit his own body, and the hilarious reality of Attila the Hun. The script zips along, and the art is lovely. 8/10 - Comics International

Virginia Gallery THE VIRGINIA GALLERY #1 Writer & Artist: G.C.Johnston

Beginning a series with a 28 page wordless fight scene is a daring move - and Gordon Johnston succeeds in making me wish to read on and find out what this is all about! 5/10 - Comics International
"Just read the damn comic, jackass. You can quote me on that." - G.C. Johnston

WHATEVER #1 Writer & Artist: Adam Jakes

Jakes' work improves all the time. With this title he's honing an impressive, laconic writing style which meshes very smoothly with the clear, almost slick art to convey an intriguing, teasing story. It tells of a possibly deranged teenager on the road, with great economy and considerable impact. 8/10 - Comics International



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